Today’s Society Requires a Global Network

How safe do you feel in today's world? Have you done your due diligence regarding your business and personal matters?

These are just two of many important questions.

ISGS professionals are highly experienced in handling sensitive international matters. Many of our key associates have served abroad in US Embassies as liaison officers for the US Government for many years. These ISGS professionals and international specialists are experts in the laws, regulations, protocols, and the language of international operations.

ISGS can get timely results on behalf of our clients who have important interests in foreign countries because we know how to overcome the obstructions that complicate dealings on an international scale and in the diplomatic arena.

Being former career special agents of the FBI and other agency professionals, ISGS personnel have unique associations and networks with their former colleagues post-career. ISGS draws upon these fellow former colleagues, each with unique skills and talents, who are now working around the world. Experienced FBI certified hostage negotiators and related crisis management personnel are available to respond to incidents. ISGS maintains collaboration with personnel and firms comprised of former US Tier 1 and other special forces operators, as well as former special forces and intelligence personnel from the United Kingdom.